Solution to Arthritis Program Details

This program is a collection of unique video series of asanas, pranayamas and meditation, selected by an experienced yoga trainer.

All attempts have been made to emphasize the fact that mobility or movement of various parts of human body is beneficial to the swollen and stiff joints. Movement or exercise can be of different intensity. For arthritis patient the gentle and pleasing movements of yoga meditation are of superior quality of exercise in every respect.

Mind plays a huge role in ideal exercise for arthritis patients. A relaxed mind, strengthened energy and all round well being will generate immense benefit in coping with arthritis. All these elements are promoted by yoga/meditation exercise.

If you wish to protect yourself against arthritis then this program is a must for you.

Only For $5

You Will Get :

12 Asana (Exercise Poses)

4 Breathing exercises

2 Keep fit exercises

1 Meditation technique with full practice instructions

Diet guidelines.